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It’s well known that Infrared  is the safest,fastest and most effective way to perform an Electrical Inspection. Identifying potential fire hazards and improving energy efficiency are just a few of the direct benefits.

I’d like to point out a few of the added benefits that I have found when doing an Infrared Electrical inspection.

One that becomes obvious quickly is the proper labeling of equipment rooms, electrical panels and circuits. A Thermographer needs to accurately record equipment being inspected and document their locations within the building. The customer needs to be able to locate the source of issues you find so repairs can be made.

Often cabinets and covers are in need of repair. Missing screws ,broken latches, and damaged hinges are identified. Many panels and covers have never been removed. The inspection can be the time for cleaning . I’ve even seen rodents nests in panels which are a big fire hazard . A follow up crew could clean panels and make minor repairs before closing the panels . Of course this would be done with the proper safety precautions and after the Thermographer has completed his scan.

Identifying how  loaded the the panels are can be good info if planning upgrades or if loads need to be balanced. Maybe you’re making a parts list like replacement breakers or types and sizes of fuses. Infrared reports include digital images as well as thermographic images .

There’s no doubt that after the Infrared electrical inspection the client will have a better understanding of buildings electrical system.