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I recently asked one of my clients about issues he runs into on a daily,weekly,or monthly basis and what he told me was interesting and maybe quite common.

The problem he pointed out was one that he also solved. He ran into this problem a few years ago. He said that one of his many responsibilities was the managing of the Housekeeping staff.  This would normally be a  straightforward task of managing staff schedules but with a few employees quitting , he was having trouble keeping the schedule filled.

He was able to offer some overtime and fill the open positions, but what was obvious to him was that he hadn’t been delegating responsibility as efficiently as he should be. He has a crew of 8 guys but no second in command . He needed to select one of the guys who was motivated and had the ability to take on extra responsibilities.

One of his more senior guys was interested and  his first job was to maintain the Housekeeping  schedules. This wouldn’t have been a first choice for a man that works with his hands everyday, but it really tested his managerial ability. He did  a good job , so good that he started managing the Grounds Department .

The unofficial Assistant Maintenance Supervisor position was such a success that the employee was officially given the title with a raise.  As the Maintenance Department grew  to a 25 man crew delegating responsibilities became the key to a successful maintenance program.

Delegating Responsibility will give your employees a feeling of ownership in the success of the company. It will show that opportunities are available for anyone willing to increase their value to the company.