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One thing that all building managers are interested in  is saving money.  Buying supplies in bulk for best pricing, buying quality parts for longer performance and hiring skilled labor in your maintenance department are just a few of the ways  to save money.

Renegotiating maintenance contracts can be an effective way to save money too.The company reps that you deal with usually have some price flexibility to win and keep customers. If you haven’t researched the market in a year or more than there’s a good chance you can find a better deal than the one you’re currently in.   

With some research you may find an opportunity to save some money or get more services in your current contracts. Do your homework and compare apples to apples. What I mean is find companies that are comparable to the ones you currently have a contract with. Some areas of comparison would be services offered ,size of company, service area coverage,reputation,etc. Go online and see what people are saying about these companies . Once you have found a few companies  write out a list of questions to ask and  a list of services you require . This will make it easier to compare the companies later and so you don’t forget any of the services you’ll want to ask about. Consider the amount of savings and any added services or benefits these companies provide. If you find a new company that has what you’re looking for ,at the price you want to pay ,hire them . If possible negotiate a few services without a signed contract . This way you’re not locked in if things don’t work out.

 If you did your homework you can save thousands of dollars and get better service in the process.

Let’s say you’re happy with your current contractor and just want better pricing. A good time to renegotiate is when the contract is up for renewal. Contact your rep. and let him know you need a better price for the next contract. Let him know you’re getting some pressure from the corporate office to reduce costs.Tell him if he can’t offer better pricing then you may need to get some competitive quotes.

This is where your prior quote research will payoff. When he calls back with the new pricing you already know what the market offers and can make a confident counter offer if needed.Then you’ll know right away if the new price is the best deal.

  Your business has value and a good contractor will want to win and keep your business.Understand this ,do your homework and negotiate better pricing from your contractors.