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Let me show you how a skilled certified Thermographer with an Infrared Camera can save you time ,money and keep your system online.



Solar Panels are almost maintenance free but not inspection free. Those panels need to be cleaned and protected or they will not have the most output possible on a sunny day. A home owner can look from the ground and see dirt ,crime and maybe some bird poop and knows its time to hose them down . Maybe even some soapy water will be needed and some scrubbing. Roof work can be dangerous but if your not afraid of heights and you take the proper precautions this too can be done safely.

That takes care of the cleaning but what about the inspection. Let me show you how How skilled Thermographer with an Infrared Camera can save you time ,money and keep your system online.  The inspection done properly will be the biggest factor in getting the most life from you solar panels. There is a cost to having an inspection done right and that’s in addition to the repairs if needed . Your dollars pay for skill and time. The skill level of the inspector and the amount of time it takes to complete the inspection. Often during a routine inspection your money is spent on the time factor and the skill dollars are wasted. The skill you pay for should be for the repairs that are needed. The best inspections are safe, quick and effective. A certified Thermographer with an Infrared Camera will give you that best inspection. The certified Thermographer uses his knowledge of thermodynamics and the fundamentals of photo-voltaic systems to complete the inspection. The use of the infrared camera gives him the ability to quickly see what the most skilled Solar Tech can not . The Thermographer see’s the heat and can find its source and record his findings in a detailed report. The Camera allows him to quickly scan the backs and fronts of the panels . He looks for hot spots , cracks , signs of moisture, or de-lamination. Opening panel covers to scan electrical connections , looking for heat and moisture that indicates a problem be it minor or major and adding those findings to the report.

The inspection is completed safely,quickly and effectively saving you time and money. If a repair is needed or in depth troubleshooting is needed, the report would be given to your skilled solar panel tech. The tech could then waste no time going right to the source of the problem and make those repairs.

The Thermograph has nothing to gain from the findings in the report. His only focus and reputation is on the accuracy and quality of the inspection .I hope this blog topic shows people the value of Infrared as a tool for Solar Panel inspections.

Finding Heat at it’s source.  Source Energy Infrared.